Gym Room

Fitness is so important in remote camps especially when the food is so good. We can provide the highest standards of gym rooms with gym instructors.


We provide on-site shops where our clients can find whatever is required for their everyday from chewing gum to shaving cream and from shampoo to ice cream.

Sports Facilities

AES takes care of your fitness by maintaining soccer fields tennis courts, squash courts and gold courts all depending on what the client wants to have in the camp.

Swimming Pool

Swimming facilities are usually found in longer term camps. We are able to provide the swimming pool maintenance plans as well as the life guard services.

BBQ and Functions

Any camp requires these special get togethers. We have the best BBQs and ability to execute functions that bring people together.

Bars and Coffee Shop

AES can operate coffee shops and bars within the camp including supply of the best quality products. We do appreciate when the camp is alcohol free and in this cases we endorse clients policies.

DSTV and Internet

AES understands the importance of having the feel of home when away from home. We will always strive to provide full DSTV television and internet support all depending on the camp location.