Camp Maintenance

Survey and Risk Assessment

AES is able to support you from the very initial phase of your project including but not limited to the initial risk assessment of the project, all the ways to fully survey of environmental and health and safety aspects.

Camp Security

AES shall cover any guarding of camps, as well as all technical security i.e. fences , CCTV and access controls to the camp based on the clients regulations and standards.

Crisis Management

Our teams have been trained to provide consultancy and field management for crisis management. The standard operating procedures will include any actions required in crisis situations such as security / medical or natural disasters.

Front Post CIC

All the security elements including medical / access / CCTV can be monitored via a central control room which will connect all the dots including receiving and interpreting external information concerning threats out side of the camp area.

Risk Policies

We are able to support you with the overall construction of the documentation and policies for your risk management including SOPs and job descriptions as well as any international requirements to be met.

Ecavuation Plans

As part of our overall policies we shall provide evacuation plan in case of any disaster be it a natural one / terror / security situation. Evacuation will be based on land or air depending on the location of the camp.

Medical Facilities

AES is able to cover all the on-site medical requirements as well as a full working and international standard clinic on site with a medical team. We are also able to coordinate any evacuation from site to hospitals including air medical evacuation. We can position a fully equipped ambulance depending on your policies.