Cold Chain Management

Temperature-controlled supply chain can be a complicated activity if not done by experienced people. We apply Combined Controlled Atmosphere Technology (CCAT) using all controlled atmosphere technology at our disposal. Cold room management and cold supply chain is achieved with respect for maintaining product integrity and product quality for longer periods.

Supply Chain

Our supply chain management process has been designed to integrate with camp management to ensure that demand and supply requirements are integrated and balanced between camps.

Store Management

Our logistics network provides a door to door solution including shipping and inspection from origin to the final destination including but not limited to customs and clearance at the port of destination with an experienced and efficient team and up to storage solutions.

Fuel Supply

We are able to provide our camps with fuel supplies all over the region as well as managing the entire fuel supply and fuel stations within the camp sites. We constantly check the quality of the fuel we supply.


Our procurement teams ensure that the best quality materials are obtained at optimum costs and meet local and international standards. AES owns and operates a fleet of trucks to transport dry goods, cleaning materials and frozen food.

Flying Camps

We are specialized in what is considered the more complicated logistical aspect of the camp management system which is moving the camps to different locations within the same project.

Camp Survey

AES is organized in its approach to finding locations for camps and preparation of the required camp services. We recommend to have our initial survey taken so more information can be collected on the specific area. We shall provide the full camp design including all plumbing and electrical needs based on the outcome of our survey.